Make your message available to more users….

Yes, most users today speak some English… But wait, do you think you would have the same impact on them as if you were promoting a service or product in their own native language? Of course no way!

Let us consider the below example. It is about a potential donor on a humanitarian NGO website, but you could apply the same example to a customer on any company’s website:

A well-off lady somewhere in the oil-rich Arab gulf visits your English website. She has a soft heart, she has donated in the past to your humanitarian cause… Your website tells her about a great project you are working on, where you are trying to bring some humanitarian aid to people of Haïti after the storms… She understands most of what you are saying… She would eventually consider donating. She pulls out her Visa Card to donate, but as you are asking her to sign up with PayPal to a recurrent donation, she does not clearly understand what you are asking her to sign up to… She is not sure, and in the doubt, she just does not want to have any issues with her Visa, so she just closes your website and goes for dinner…

What happened? You just lost a potential significant donation that could be the equivalent of the revenue of years of collecting coins…. That collection that takes very long days of work by volunteers distributing and recollecting the round charity boxes to little shops all over the city! You lost big time!

9094466_max1Why? Simply because she did not understand something on your website that was not in her native language….

What could you have done differently? Simply provide her with (even a brief) version of your website (or at least the most important sections / pages) in her own Arabic to reassure her.

But we already have a google translation button on the site? If you think that machine generated translation means much in other languages, you are wrong. It mostly provides a silly translation that is very confusing at least.

Where can I find the right people to translate my site now? You have. Ask us for a quote.

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