Remarketing and Retargeting

Retargeting and Remarketing

Once you have sent your users and email, it is very interesting to track those comms to find out what happened to them. Some of our customers thought they were doing very well. When we investigated, we showed them that the majority of their emails were not reaching the user’s inbox but the spam folder. Of those emails that managed to reach the inbox, the vast majority of those were deleted without being opened. 3 months later, we shifted gears and more than 50% of emails sent were opened and clicked! Some of our customers reported benefits up to 200%.

Remarketing is the technique that helps us track your user’s cookie and use that to show them relevant information and ads in various places across the web. When a customer has clicked to add an article to their cart, but did not finish the sale, they will see that cart content on their Facebook! We’ll help you to expertly target your users who have not converted to customers to return to you and make that purchase.