Who are we?

TheBestSwissDesign is a small company on Rue de Lac in Geneva. We deliver The Best Swiss Design, literally. Not any design, but truly the very best and the finest of world expert Swiss skills, delivering the highest and finest quality through creativity and innovation.

What do we do?

We do great unique responsive Dеsіgn so that your website would be a beauty on literllay every piece of glass from 32 inch desktop screens to old iPhones 4″ screens.
We drive costs down to improve your ROI. We don’t believe in the highest margin, but in the happiest clients who will come back for every other service they need and we provide.

Ноw much does it cost?

We are fair. For every request, we provide a custom quote. If you can find the same service, at the same quality, elsewhere for a better price, we will refund the difference immediately.
We also provide hosting services. We can host your website, no matter how big or small it is. From 1 page to 1 million page, from 1 visitor a day to 1,000,000 visitor a day. We are up to it.

Why not build it yourself in WordPress?

That is a brilliant idea, and we encourage you to do so, if you are able to achieve in WordPress exactly what you need. If not, let us help. We don’t provide standard template websites like a million other. We create innovative highly customised eye-catching portals that would make your users enjoy your website. We have Google analytics figures to back that.

Marketing Services?

We have been around for more than 2 decades! From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing, we provide Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and Digital Public Relations (PR) of world-class quality, nothing less. We also empower our partners with efficient Email marketing that delivers results and Paid Advertising at the highest ROI possible.
We master the game of Remarketing and Retargeting and provide absolutely excellent Translation services at competitive prices.

Challenge us to build a great website for you!

A great website is not simply some great design or a lot of information. It is far more than that and we are happy to help you establish your best presence online.

Challenge us to build an amazing mobile app for your business.

Not only you will get a high-quality app that does exactly what you need, but we promise to over-deliver. The final app will always have a few additional bonus features / options.

Let us build a social campaign for you

We were around marketing products for our partners before Facebook even existed. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are the vehicle and vectors we will use to drive clicks and visits. On your website, we will help you convert efficiently through contextual personalisation. One size does not fit all. We custom-tailor bespoke solutions to each and every one of our partners.

How about a million clicks on your banner / link and a million visit to your website next month?

We will guarantee your ROI

Literally… we mean it. If you are not confident your website will provide a large ROI, we are happy to design your site on our fees and share the profits :).  We don’t do our work, throw the code on a server and send you an invoice! We partner with our clients and we work together with them as one team to provide the best ROI to you.

Let us surprise you with services and products that go beyond your expectations.

Contact us today with your needs, well defined or still to be defined, and get a quote within 24 hours.